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We help leading brands improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention.

We know that businesses value phone calls more than any other type of lead. Therefore, it is vital to be able to measure the number of phone leads you are generating to your customers in order to prove the value of advertising spend. With IOVOX in place, you can take advantage of our powerful functionality and analyze the performance of your customers' listings.
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How it works

Replace your customer's phone number with an IOVOX Enterprise number, diverting calls directly to them.
Use IOVOX to help you validate your commercial model (ROI, pay per call, pay per lead, subscription based, etc.).
Integrate with our API to show customers their call data directly in your own dashboards, to prove your effectiveness, understand call patterns and trends, and optimize performance.


How it works

"IOVOX Enterprise is a great help to measure the ROI of our customers and optimize their advertising. It's really important to track the calls and understand the relationship between a call and conversion. Thanks to IOVOX, we now know 74% of calls lead to a sale."
Murielle Flament
Murielle Flament | Call Tracking Manager, PagesJaunes

Key features for directories

Intro Audio
Intro Audio

Play a 'whisper' to your customers so they know the phone call is from you, helping build your brand.

Always Available
Always Available

Help customers improve their efficiency on the phone through missed call email alerts and sophisticated call routing.

Block Calls
Block Calls

Easily block SPAM and nuisance callers. Ensure only valuable phone calls reach your customers.

Global brands, plus 300,000+ small businesses trust our technology. Join them.

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