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The IOVOX Enterprise REST API is both feature and data rich. Via the API you can integrate seamlessly into customer management flow, meaning any new changes or customers in your system will automatically be made within IOVOX Enterprise. In addition, all communication data can be pulled into your own environment in real-time, allowing you to slice and dice it as you require and display to your own customers.

Details & Benefits

  • Integrate with your own systems to create an automated and seamless communication between IOVOX Enterprise and your environment
  • Get real-time access to communication data within your own platform
  • Segment information for different audiences and needs under your own brand

Who Uses It

Marketplaces like Zoopla and AutoTrader use the IOVOX API to display vital call data information within their customer dashboards

Marketing Solution providers like Web.com, Spotzer and Trendzer use the IOVOX API to automate the creation of new customer accounts and display rich customer data

Restaurant chains use the API to automate new customer booking flows

  • AutoTrader
  • Spotzer
  • Trendzer
  • Web.com
  • BT

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Sync, Collaborate, and Share calls

Sync, Collaborate, and Share calls