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Details & Benefits

  • Turn all calls into searchable transcriptions
  • Use real-time analysis and keyword spotting to track call outcomes
  • Understand the value of calls being delivered and calculate your ROI
  • Listen to all calls for training and monitoring purposes immediately after each call
  • Use our integrated technology to send SMS surveys to mobile callers, helping you directly understand the impact of the call
  • Take advantage of our unique and cutting edge speech to text technology to understand what was said
  • Examine call patterns, trends, and keywords to make even smarter business decisions

Who Uses It

Our call recording and outcome tracking technology is used by world-leading brands and marketplaces to make smarter business decisions every day.

  • Zoopla
  • AutoTrader
  • OnTheMarket
  • La Centrale
  • SquareMeal

Global brands, plus 300,000+ small businesses trust our call tracking technology. Join them.

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Sync, Collaborate, and Share calls

Sync, Collaborate, and Share calls