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IOVOX Enterprise Call Blocking & Spam filters features ensure your customers are always protected against unwanted calls. Our smart tool will allow you to detect any Spam and block it automatically.

Call coming in on a cell phone being stopped by a roadblock. Stop light showing call routing options.
  1. Unwanted Spam calls will try to reach your IOVOX phone numbers
  2. IOVOX will detect the caller’s phone number and block any future calls from this caller
  3. Different filters can be applied depending on your business activity

Details & Benefits

  • Inbound calls are instantly checked against a black-list, meaning known spammers are blocked at source
  • Tailored rules can be used to block and flag unusual call activity
  • Offer your customers an improved experience of your brand
  • Access detailed call analytics data through IOVOX Enterprise Dashboard
  • Protect yourself and your customers from unwanted or fraudulent calls with advanced SPAM filtering tools

Who Uses It

Property-marketplaces use our call and spam filtering tools across their network of Realtors to protect their advertiser against SPAM and monetise traffic

Global Auto-marketplaces use our call and spam filters to protect their private sellers and gain valuable insight into calling patterns

Directories use our call and spam filter on their Website services to provide a better-quality service and protect their professional advertiser

  • PAP
  • AutoTrader
  • BT

Global brands, plus 300,000+ small businesses trust our call tracking technology. Join them.

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