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Restaurants & Bookings

We help leading brands improve customer satisfaction and increase bookings for their business.

We know that as a busy restaurant you can't always get to the phone during peak times or when you are closed. With IOVOX Enterprise you are able to divert calls that would normally be missed to an automated booking system that's fully integrated with your existing EPOS platform and offers a seamless customer experience.
  • BookATable
  • OpenTable
  • Pizza Express
  • LiveRes
  • ResDiary

How it works

No answer? Divert calls that would normally be missed to our integrated booking system.
Callers use their telephone keypad to make a reservation or access information such as opening times and availability.
We integrate your telephone booking information with your existing table management system.
All calls are captured and recorded. The data is yours to analyze and understand.


How it works

"IOVOX Enterprise's fully integrated solution gave us the opportunity to ensure the journey via the phone booking system was as slick and customer friendly as possible.
We have seen an increase in bookings already through the IVR and website, and will continue to work to optimize that further."
Sioban Fagan
Sioban Fagan | IT Director, Pizza Express

Other ways reservation businesses benefit from IOVOX Enterprise


Allow brand owners to gain valuable insights into their customers' habits and behaviors.

SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

Send offers and incentivize customers to download your native app using our SMS follow up marketing.

Real-Time Surveys
Real-Time Surveys

Measure customer satisfaction with real-time surveys that can generate 30%+ response rates.

Global brands, plus 300,000+ small businesses trust our technology. Join them.

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